Himalayan Wolves Project

The Himalayan Wolves Project explores the different wolf lineages found in the Himalayas with regards to their genetics, evolutionary biology, trophic ecology and conservation. It aims to build the scientific basis for conserving the wolves and their prey in their high altitude habitats.

Himalayan wolf pup

By collecting genetic material of wild wolves across the Himalayas of Nepal the evolutionary history and taxonomic status of the Himalayan wolf is explored.

By counting the wild prey numbers and comparing it to domestic livestock presence the ecological resources for wolves and potential conflict with local herders are investigated.

By speaking with local people about their perception and interaction with wildlife best solutions to human-wildlife conflicts are pinpointed.

Project Field Research Sites

Project Field Research Sites. Map modified from Google Earth.


Footage of wolf pups playing outside their den documented on 4790 m above sea level in upper Dolpa, Nepal.